Agent Three Zero

Deborah Valentine had been a Special Forces Operative on detached service from the Air Force working for Project: P.H.A.Z.E.R. inside Iraq after the start of the war. A recon mission went wrong and she was captured. For weeks Valentine was held prisoner by the corrupt group of rogue scientists and military that had been led […]


Name: Hai Chén Base of Operations: Discovery Submarine Powers: Super strength and dense skin, can breathe underwater; ability to change shape and become an aquatic creature that can survive extreme crushing depths. Hai, had learned to swim, surf, and scuba dive at an early age. His father was a Navy Admiral and Hai had enlisted […]

Blue Sultan

The Blue Sultan and his forces are wanted terrorists who are actively pursuing the secret of the new power source Alpha-Zachyon energy for their own sinister purposes. Historically, the winning factions have dictated who the patriots are versus the rebels. The Blue Sultan’s methods are extreme, but he believes his actions will ultimately save mankind. […]


Mark Moreno was the head scientist at a covert government installation studying extraterrestrial technology and biology. The work culminated in a project code-named: P.H.A.Z.E.R.; Prototype Hybrid Alpha-Zachyon Energy Reactor. A family man, he lived with his wife Crystal and three children, Katherine, Annemarie, and Nicholas in New Jersey. As a young boy, he suffered the […]